The Qualities Of An First-Rate Divorce Solicitor

Family law is a tricky business and solicitors working in litigation need to have specific qualities which help them succeed in this area. Family law covers many highly personal and difficult areas of dispute, from access to children to financial assets. Therefore, the professionals you choose to work with need to supportive and understanding, as well as ready to fight your corner.

divorce solicitor

Here are the key characteristics you should find a best lawyer.


In most divorce settlements there are winners and losers and you have to make concessions. A decent divorce solicitor needs to be able to be straight with you at all instances and needs to be able to tell you as the client what is possible rather than telling you what you want to hear. Honesty and sincerity is key.

Team Player

The best practices on family law in London and the rest of the UK are the ones with the most experience. Experience can be drawn from a team of practiced and level-headed professionals and if you choose a firm with a large team of family law experts you can be sure of the best heads pulling together for your case. The team can discuss issues and specialist input obtained where necessary, of course in a sensitive and a discreet manner with the emphasis on client confidentiality.


The central role of your solicitor is to relay information to you regarding you case in a concise, manageable and clear way. Your chosen solicitor needs to be a good communicator and all agreement’s should be able to be discussed in a way you can understand and choose to agree or disagree with.

Qualifications and Accreditations

It goes without saying you should ensure your chosen solicitor is registered to practice but it also pays to take a look into their CPD. The right solicitor for you should be a definite expert in family law and not a generalist.

Varied Skills

There are many skills which come together to make a good family lawyer. Most family law disputes can be solved through discussion, negotiation and agreement. This therefore means your chosen specialist should have strong negotiating skills and also high integrity and in depth understanding of all current legislation related to the divorce process. Other skills mentioned above such as communication and sincerity are also important.


There isn’t a simple answer to everything – especially when it comes to familial disputes. A sound and agreeable outcome is dependent on compromise and the ability to bend things to reach an appropriate conclusion. Your pragmatic family lawyer will find solutions which may be conventional or even unconventional but still serve to resolve any problem you’re face with.

No divorce solicitor can guarantee you the outcome you want but a good one will do in their power to ensure they get as close to it as possible. A good divorce solicitor will ensure your expectations are realistic and won’t sugar coat the situation. They’ll work with you for the benefit of your family.