Get An Expert Building Disputes Lawyer To Deal With Your Problems


Having your dream house constructed is a very exciting yet stressful time. It can be quite a big investment. There may be a lot of contractors ready to take your project, but sadly not everyone will meet your expectations. You can be disappointed by how they perform, and the disastrous result can be your home.

A building dispute can happen when a builder does not adhere to the things stated in your construction contract. A contract agreement is a binding legal document. You and the builder have agreed to the statements written on it. So when something does not go to plan, you can check back the contract and see how things can be resolved.

Hear the right advice from a legal expert

Contracts can be confusing to a simple person. That’s why it’s best to get advice from a building lawyer right from the very start. A building disputes lawyer who specifically specialised in construction law would be the best person to consult with.

What can he do for you exactly? A building disputes lawyer can:

  • provide building dispute resolution

A construction lawyer can expertly guide you through the whole legal process. Be it lodging a complaint in Fair Trading, and represent you through court proceedings should the dispute escalate.

Common building disputes cover everything from poor builder workmanship, not following drawings and designs, using the wrong materials, at overcharging and other variations.

  • Help you contract termination

If you think that your builder did not follow what it stated in your contract, a building solicitor can help determine this and terminate the contract you have with the builder. Depending on your contract, he can make the builder fix or pay for any defects.

Avoiding disputes from the start

You’re lucky if you consult with a specialist building solicitor even during the earliest stages of the construction. This is the most advisable scenario, because he can review and draft the contract for you to make sure that your rights will be protected. He can make sure that you will not be tricked by contractors. And he can negotiate on your behalf as well.

Consult with a 10+ years experienced building lawyer

Contracts Specialist is a Syndey-based construction law firm. John Dela Cruz, principal lawyer of Contracts Specialist, is an expert in construction law. He is well-versed in the court proceedings of the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), the District Court of New South Wales, or even the proceedings of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. He can represent you in those venues ddepending on the amount to be settled in your dispute. He will do everything to make sure that your dispute is resolved in your favor.

Contracts Specialist also deals with Security of Payment, construction contracts, debt recovery, and strata schemes. You can be sure John Dela Cruz knows how to deal with your situation, no matter how stressful it can be. With over 10 years of experience under his belt, it is very likely that he has handled a case with the same circumstances as your. Call now and put your trust in a building dispute lawyer who can help you.