What Sets This Firm Apart Because They Are Not Your Typical Law Firm

No client who contacts Moss & Colella will be charged a fee for this preliminary meeting, regardless of whether you hire their services or not. Moss & Colella’s legal team will also keep you updated on status changes regarding your case and they will answer all your questions in a timely and professional manner.


They will not settle your case before having your permission or before one of our attorney discusses the true value of your case with you. Their practice style collective with the retainer fee contract allows their clients to be in control over their case.


When you choose an attorney, you have a plethora of choices. The first time you call our law firm you can ask to see our past results as well as client testimonials that speak to our abilities. Our success speaks volumes.

Unable to visit them

If you are not able to meet with them, they will come to you or send a staff member. Following an accident, some clients due to injury might keep them from visiting the law offices. If this is the case for you, these attorneys will visit with you at your choice of location for the free first consultation.

Zero fee guarantees

They understand that an accident may keep you in bed for awhile, so this firm will give you the “Zero Fee Guarantee” for client with personal injury claims. This means that you will not owe any attorney fees until the attorneys have made a recovery on your behalf.


This firm will handle all your paperwork from the beginning to the end and handle the insurance company if there is one, every step of the way.

Personal injury cases

This is a law firm that handles personal injury law. Most law firms do not focus on this area. Whether you were in an auto accident or a work related social security disability claim. Moss & Colella’s resources as well as staff are solely committed to help incapacitated people.

Strive for clients

They attempt to deliver each client first-class service. No firm of attorneys can assurance the result of a personal injury case; however, these attorneys will treat their clients with fairness, with the greatest respect, and work keenly towards each client’s goals.

Won’t settle for less

Moss & Colella don’t settle for less following your accident. You were hurt and that is something they take personally. This is why they stay up with insurance companies every day. They have a standing as aggressive, hard-hitting, personal injury lawyers who demand maximum compensation on behalf of every client, without exception. They fight to win.


A point of pride at Moss & Colella is that they know exactly how to get good results for their clients. Most of their cases are won without the need for trial, however they are expert litigators are also standing with you if your case does have to go to court. With years of experience this team of attorneys who are award-winning know how to win.