Timeshare Selling Scams- How To Stay Alert?

According to a recent statistical survey it could be stated that around 9 million people in the UK hold an ownership of timeshare. But the real dilemma starts when you decide to get out of a timeshare contract. While selling your timeshare ownership you may come across selling scammers and non-legitimate companies. Most scammers call people and say they have potential clients who are interested in buying your timeshare. In such cases people get persuaded easily and agree to pay the scammers money in advance. And after receiving the money through wire transfer the scammer just disappeared. Now the question is how to identify such timeshare selling scams and how to stay alert. Don’t worry here we have some suggestions for you that can keep you alert and safe from such scammers.

Don’t send the money- People with timeshare sometimes feel the desperation of selling their timeshare ownership. They do everything to sell their timeshare faster. If you are one of them this suggestion is for you. A genuine agent will never ask for money before doing your work. So don’t pay the advance payment no matter what. Generally such scammers use a lot of persuasion techniques to put pressure on you. Don’t let them win. Don’t send any money online through wire transfer.

Don’t trust the website link they provide- Timeshare selling scammers are very smart. They can create an illusion to gain your trust. They can use the name of a reputable company to make you believe in them. Sometimes they provide a website link which is also a fake website. Don’t trust on this. Don’t let them fool you and don’t precede any online transaction through the website link they provide. 

Always consult a lawyer- If you ever receive a call from a timeshare seller offering you a great price on your timeshare ownership. Don’t waste your time further. Discuss this entire deal with a professional timeshare lawyer. Only a professional lawyer can save you from the traps of such scammers. They can identify whether it’s a genuine deal or timeshare selling scams. Have faith in your lawyer and proceed further according to their suggestions.

Don’t fall for high prices- Sometimes scammers offer an unbelievable price in order to attract timeshare holders. Don’t fall for such traps. Be alert if they offer a high price that you were not expecting. This is a major sign of scams.

Thus to conclude, it’s high-time to spread more awareness against such scammers. Follow the above mentioned tips to stay alert and safe.