Different Types Of Lawyers

When we talk about lawyers, we imagine someone who is wearing a lush black coat and going to the court rooms for hearing. However, this is the one way to look at this. There are different kinds of lawyers who deal with different kinds of cases. Following are the few of them:

  • Corporate lawyer:

If you want to establish your own company, you don’t just need the employers and machinery. What you also need are lawyers. Corporate lawyers are also known as business lawyers. These are the lawyers you need to establish your company. Even dealing the business meetings, there are two types of business lawyers. One is used to deal all the meetings with you, while the other deals the lawsuits, which you might face. This is the reason why different companies hire personal lawyers for them. If you are also planning to hire, there must be no secrets between you and your lawyer, otherwise he might not be able to defend you properly.

  • Criminal defense lawyer:

As it is indicated by its name, criminal defense lawyers are those who take up the cases of people who are charged with any crime. Be it a murder or theft, they can only help you when you trust them with every little detail. They can use it in your favor and make you win the case easily.

  • Family lawyer:

Have you seen in the movies when the father dies, a lawyer comes and give his will to the family? In which all the details of assets are written and how much one person can get? All of this is dealt with the help of family lawyers. They are hired to have a legal will according to which all the assets must be distributed. The information between the client and lawyer is held confidential and not even family members are allowed to know about it.

  • Real estate lawyer:

These are the lawyers, which help you with different kinds of property cases. If you are willing to sell your property, but you can’t because someone else is illegally using it, you can contact them and get your problems solved. They deal all the kinds of property issues. So if you are also having the same issue, contact your nearest real estate lawyer and get a case file against them.

  • Medical negligence solicitors:

This is a very common type of issue that by the doctor’s negligence or hospitals, someone is handicapped or dead. You are there for your appendix surgery and you wake up and realize that your kidney is missing. This is where you can sue the staff and medical negligence solicitors can help you with that. They believe that there should be no compromise made when it comes to your health. So if you are not satisfied with your doctor and you think they are not treating you well, you have all the right to sue them and get the maximum compensation for their actions.