Yet Another Murder Suicide In Texas

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We wrote on this the other day about the April murder-suicide of Neeta and Anil Kharabanda.  On Monday May 9th schoolteacher, Sharon Wilbanks was killed by her husband on her birthday.  Wilbanks had filed for separation from her husband on April 21st .  On Monday he chased down her vehicle outside of Greenway Grocery on highway 181 and then as she left the vehicle he shot her and then turned the gun on himself.  It is absolutely sobering news, and more sad because it was potentially avoidable.  

Most divorce attorneys are prepared to help those who are in difficult, frightening situations prepare for these types of scenarios.  We see more instances of domestic abuse and intimidation, which is why any good attorney will go above and beyond to prevent further abuse.  That means planning an exit strategy that includes orders of protection, changes in clocks, and implementing other measures of personal security.  It also means trying to work with opposing counsel or LEO to reduce anger and tension instead of escalating it.

Sadly, there is no foolproof solution to these things, but it is still part of our job as humans to help protect those who come to us for help.  We work with people in situations of domestic violence all the time.  We understand how quickly they can escalate and it is our job to prepare our clients for any possibility.  As we often tell our clients: don’t ignore people who show you who they are. If you are frightened, if you feel unsafe—you probably are.  It is in those moments you need to think ahead, be cautious and plan correctly with those who have been there, done that, and gotten the medal.

We’re here and available to talk.  Domestic abuse takes lives all over the world every second of every day.  Don’t be a statistic.  Be a survivor.