Why It Makes Sense To Consult A Lawyer When Claiming For Total And Permanent Disability

If a person has either suffered an injury or illness that renders them unable to work, it is possible to make a claim against an insurance policy that covers for total and permanent disability (TPD), and when dealing with such complex matters, it is vital that you enlist the help of an experienced superannuation lawyer. Like all insurance policies, the terms and conditions are complex, and without the right legal advice, a person can easily be at a disadvantage, and with so much riding on the outcome, one should not take any chances.

Checking for Eligibility

The requirements for making a Total and Permanent Disability Claim are indeed complicated, and this is the main reason you should consult with an experienced law firm, who will be able to quickly determine whether or not you qualify. In order to be eligible for TPD, a superannuation fund member must:

  • Be unable to work, either due to injury or illness.
  • Be under the age of 65 on the date work ceased.
  • Have ceased work as a direct result of an injury or illness.
  • Have valid insurance at the time work ceased.

Providing the person meets all the above requirements, they are able to make a claim for TPD, and with an experienced superannuation lawyer to assist, one can move forward with confidence, knowing that the claim will be handled by professional people who have the client’s best interests at heart.

Medical Evidence

Aside from the many forms that must be completed when lodging a claim for TPD, the fund member must also produce relevant medical documentation to support the claim, such as doctor’s reports, X-rays and anything else that the lawyer deems relevant. For the average person, making a claim for TPD is a very complex issue, and with so much at stake, it is always wise to use an experienced superannuation lawyer, and preferably one that has an excellent track record in handling such claims.

No Win No Fee

If you are concerned that your claim might be unsuccessful and you will end up with a huge legal bill to pay, some law firms will act on a person’s behalf using the “No win – No fee” system and this ensures that there is absolutely nothing to pay until the claim is successful. If, on the other hand, the lawyer feels that the claim lacks in any way, they would likely advise the person to refrain from claiming, at least until further evidence is forthcoming, and any reputable lawyer would help their client to compile all the available evidence to support the claim.

If you think you have a case for claiming total and permanent disability, the best thing to do is contact an experienced law firm, and one that has a solid track record with making such claims, and with their help, the process should be stress free and hopefully, the outcome will be satisfactory.