Who’s At Fault When You Get In A Three-Car Accident?

When involved in a three car pile up, it depends on what car you were in. Most often people in this accident are confused on who will carry the blame and how much blame one will occur. When these types of accidents occur it is often times difficult to determine who is at fault making it a longer time to determine the clients to get compensated.

Lets give some examples:

There are 3 cars one right after the other the first car at the light will be called car 1 the second car will be car two the third car will be car three which is the last one but not least. If car one and two were stopped and car three runs right into them rear-ending car two which in turns runs into car 1 that is what we call a car pile up. In those types of cases, they have to prove that car 1 slammed on the breaks to avoid hitting anyone or something in front of them, which subsequently made car 2 and 3 rear-end car 1.Also in that scenario, car two and three can either be held partially liable or not liable at all determine speed rate and closeness to other vehicle it was to.

Now we will focus on the middle car liability

The middle car can be held responsible to the first car even if the third car was the one that caused the accident. This can happen if there is not enough money in the third parties policy. In this case courts will hold the contributory negligence; if the middle car is held responsible or partially responsible the 1st car can purse both the second and third car for damages and injury.

End Car Liability

More often than not the third car is held liable to car two and car three. But remember if there is a sudden stop by car 1 or 2  than contributory negligence will be held up. In these types of cases car 1 and car 2 tend to purse a claim against car 3 for causing the accident.

Cases like these can be complicated and frustrating. Therefore, it is best to seek legal counsel or a free consolation from an experienced personal injury attorney to help you.