Four Reasons To Get A Christmas Temp Job When You’re At Uni

Now that the autumn has arrived, there is no better time to get a job when you’re a student in university. You’ve got through the first couple of months of your academic year, so you should be getting back in the swing of things and comfortable with your daily life. Yet you know that there are many months left of the university year, and that ultimately means lots of things to buy and pay for. And that’s without adding the cost of Christmas to the equation!

So, perhaps a Christmas temp job might be the right avenue to go down; here are just a few reasons why it could make a good fit for you:

Buy Christmas presents

When you’ve got to pay for so many other things, buying Christmas presents can feel like a bit of a struggle when you’re at uni. But you don’t want to let your friends and your family down, so you still want to buy them gifts. A temporary job would allow you to get the funds to do this up front, rather than paying for things on your credit card or through your overdraft. It could take ages to pay these off in the future which can be more stress added to your plate.

Don’t be a spoil sport

Even if you’re not hugely into Christmas, your friends and family will still want you to get involved with activities and evenings out over the next few months. Don’t moan about not having any cash – go out and do a couple of shifts a week to earn it! You’ll find it much more rewarding spending money when you know you’ve been working on the checkouts for hours. There are many retail temp jobs out there right now so you could pick something that advertises the amount of hours you’re looking to do; have a look on for a great mix of such opportunities.

Get into a routine

Another really good reason to get a part-time temp job is to start getting yourself into a routine. You’ll need to do this to get the best out of your degree; you waste half of the day when you wake up after lunchtime. You will surely have lectures and seminars that take place in the morning, so by getting into a routine you’ll be much more awake to take proper notes and follow what is being said. Oh, and you’ll need to be timely when it comes to future employment once you finish your degree!

Work experience for your CV

Finally, a retail job at your local shopping centre or department store can actually work wonders for your CV when you come to graduate. It shows employers that you have had experience handling customer queries, working in a team and handling cash which shows you can be trusted. It also allows you to write your manager’s name down as a reference which will be important too. And you never know, you might even be offered the chance to stay at the job past your temporary contract which would give you even more experience for your CV.