Drug Charge? How A Drug Attorney Can Help

Thousands of people are being arrested on drug charges every year. Many of the arrests are controlled substance either on the person or in their car. Large percentage of criminal court cases in most courts are for routine drug possession. These charges can have a more favorable outcome when using a drug attorney. Have you in fact been arrested on suspicion of possessing or maybe even selling narcotic drugs? You need to find a drug attorney to represent you. 

We live in an age where many tend to use and sell drugs in order stay alive. While many times an officer may arrest an individual on suspicion and having an attorney who specializes in drug court may be the best choice for you. If in fact you cannot afford the counsel, a court will normally appoint one to help you get the best deal possible.

Drug Possession

Drug possession can be difficult yet not impossible. Hundreds of cases are prosecuted every month. Drug possession has low priority in many courts. Jurisdiction offers some programs that allow diversion programs for small amounts of drugs the charged person can do rehabilitation and pay fines as well as court costs.

A drug attorney can help to fight a drug case on merits mostly by the evidence which has been presented.

The war against drugs moves on and across the United States. Law Enforcement Officers are aggressively pursuing and prosecuting these violations. Many times a citizens rights are violated due to the routine stop, detain and arrest with no reason of any criminal activity or even probable cause that a crime was in fact committed. Some law enforcement officers tend to exaggerate the facts for an arrest. 

Drug attorneys tend to use an informant. The informants are given a reward for what information they collect. Normally the reward is a reduced charge.

The informant is investigated to be sure of their information. In the event that there is a false arrest the evidence has to be pulled and the case dismissed. Normally evidence is not taken before a detailed investigation has been done. 

  1. An attempt at proving the officer had no real reason to pull you over can be fought.
  2. If the stop merited probable cause and was legal. This can lead to the officer discovering the drugs lacked a reason to search or no search warrant was shown.
  3. By allowing an officer to search the vehicle or your home what drugs that are found can be made as evidence against you. If you can say no you cannot search and not be causing obstruction or resisting arrest you need to do so. If the officer then still searches what they find cannot be used as evidence.
  4. No constructive possession is a drug. Many times cases are weak due to proof it belong to the person beyond a shadow of a doubt.
  5. The substance should be proven that it is a drug. What looks like a drug may not be a drug. Therefore it is sent to the lab for testing.

If you have been charged with a drug possession which may have some serious consequences, a drug attorney can be of big help.