4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody lawyers are necessary when circumstances arise that require you to fight the rights of your children from your ex. Things can get tricky when you try to handle the case yourself. However, it is all the same if you hire the wrong lawyer. To ensure you make the right decision, you should interview with the lawyers. The following are 4 questions to ask before hiring a child custody lawyer. 

How Many Cases Have You Taken to Trial?

The number of cases that the child custody lawyer have tried is important. Lawyers who have tried a lot of cases are more experienced and more familiar with the process. Child custody lawyers Tulsa OK are more skilled in negotiating a settlement. Having a child custody lawyer by your side can protect you if your spouse is making an unreasonable request on the settlement negotiations. 

It is recommended that you hire a divorce lawyer that has tried at least 30 – 50 child custody cases. Many child custody lawyers have insufficient experiences in trying a case to the end. To ensure the highest success rate, you should hire a lawyer that has tried for child custody cases many times just as you would only hire a surgeon to do a major surgery only if he had done the same operation many times before. 

What is Your Approach to Child Custody Cases?

You should hire a lawyer that is enthusiastic about helping you to fight for child custody. If your lawyer is not enthusiastic, you are going to lose the case. You will know this by the personality of the lawyer and the way he speaks. A lawyer that has a strong personality will know how to speak in a way that can encourage settlement from the other spouse. 

How Do You Keep in Touch With Your Client?

The lawyer you hire must be someone you can talk to. There is no point hiring a lawyer that does not want to listen to your phone call. If the lawyer requires you to put voicemail, you must find out from him when he will return your call. Also, ask for the lawyer’s email address. The law firm should have a contact email address if they have a website. You will need to check in on the lawyer to find out about the status of the case and what can you expect while the case is proceeding. Without communication with the lawyer, you will be left in the dark and don’t know what is going on with the case. 

Can You Explain the Different Types of Custody?

To prove that the lawyer is knowledgeable, you must ask him to explain his understanding of the different types of child custody. Joint custody means both spouses have responsibilities in making decisions on major issues such as medical, educational and extracurricular activities. If you get the sole custody, you will have the sole right to make the major decisions without having to discuss with your ex-spouse. You should listen carefully to how the lawyer explains them and see if you can understand what he is saying. This is crucial to make sure that you feel comfortable with what is going on in a custody battle.