Be Wary About Towing Trucks And Personal Injuries Causing

Here is a real story a car accident client who chose to be unknown. It is a story of a car accident and the discussion with a towing truck driver following the accident.

‘I would like to let the people know in intense despair what they need to deal with following you get involved in an accident because there are not any book, guideline video or instructions on what actually goes on. The things happened to me may not happen in the case of any towing truck driver, but once I asked people roughly, I found that these things take place more frequently than anybody would like better. 

I was going south on expressway in Toronto around 3-10pm. Weather was sunny and there was not look to be any reason of road block. The vehicles in all three tracks were running fast while the track, where I was, slowed down all of a sudden and I had to apply my pressure brakes. I kept the car from colliding facing me, but the driver driving behind my car was much less caring and hit into my car from back side at a higher speed.

I was disturbed psychologically to a certain extent to say any thing. When I controlled to escape from my car, a police car was already at the accident location in addition to three towing trucks. And just 5 minutes following the accident, the police personnel ordered the all damaged cars to be shifted to a close gas station with the purpose of clearing the main road. In just seconds, the all cars were taken and lift upward and put on the tow trucks. I was requested to be seated in a tow truck. One time we gone away the main road and reached at a gas filling station, the police personnel discussed to all the three drivers, signed testimonials, checked insurance details and driver’s licenses.

Police personnel told me whether I was ok then I said that I could almost not stand and move my neck muscles. The police personnel called an ambulance with little or no delay that took only just some minutes to reach to the hospital.

Medical staff asked me to sit in their ambulance and check my important body parts and laying me on a bed with the purpose of securing my neck up to a time that x-ray report could be made and physician could check me.

Though, I am still feeling worry wherever all that additional money for the maintenance of my car spent and what would occur to me when I did make the road accident. Accordingly, my suggestion to all of you is to be careful of towing trucks, their guidelines and any formalities they make you to follow. It is more suitable to have the car pulled along a city when the tow trucker is not ready to go to your address of workshop. In addition, as soon as possible, go hire an automobile personal injury lawyer. Ask them to handle all the matters more willingly than police.

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