What Is A Criminal Injury Compensation Calculator?

Sometimes you want answers immediately. Maybe you can’t face a phone call right now, or are in two minds about whether to make aninjury compensation claim or not. Here at AAH, we understand that people want quick answers, which is why we offer an online criminal compensations calculator. It helps you take the first step, by asking the first question: is it worth me claiming?

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler to use. In ten clicks, you will be given a rough idea of how much compensation you may expect to receive in the event of a successful claim. Just read the questions and submit your answers. The test takes less than a minute.

Surely each claim is different. How do I know the results are accurate?

Yes, every claim is different. But based upon your answers, we can give you a figure based upon our success in similar cases. There are a range of possible awards possible, depending on the severity of your injury, when it occurred and whether you received medical treatment. By answering simple questions like these, we can give you a potential claim award. If you decide to proceed with your claim, we will do our best to achieve the maximum amount possible for you.

How long will it take to do the test?

The beauty of the compensation calculator is that it takes just half a minute to complete. There are no complicated questions, and nothing to sign. It’s ideal for those who want a quick ballpark figure immediately, to help them decide what to do next.

Once I have a figure from the compensation calculator, how long do I have to make a claim?

There is no rush and you will never be hassled or chased by us to make a decision about whether or not to claim. That’s not how we operate. However, there is a three year limit on claiming compensation for an accident, so don’t leave the decision longer than that. The calculator figure gives you a good idea of how much you might receive, which is always useful when making a decision. Think it over, and ring for a chat if you have any questions. You will never be pressurised – that’s a promise.

Ok, I want to go ahead with a claim. What happens next?

If you want to proceed with your claim, just give us a ring. We have sensitive, professional staff, who are used to dealing with people who have sustained injuries. Rest assured we are on your side. We want to maximise the amount of compensation that you receive, so we will ask a few more questions about your accident over the phone, and explain how the process works.

You really have nothing to lose by using the compensation calculator. It takes so little time to use, and you might be surprised to find how much money you are entitled to. You also have nothing to lose by making a claim – we operate a 100% no win no fee scheme.

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