Things You Should Look For In Labor Law Poster Vendor


A couple of things need to be duly considered prior to choosing labor law posters and their vendors. These factors can go a long way in determining the quality and even legality of your labor compliance poster. Since the use of an improper poster can attract fine, it becomes important that your compliance poster contains every bit of information that you desire to pass across to your employees. In this article, we have taken out time to summarize a few points that can help you get a suitable labor law poster and stay in good term with the law. Labor Law Compliance Center offers you updated labor law posters in English, Spanish or bilingual.

The Posters Should Be Current and Up-to-date:

The contents of Posters are constantly being updating by the state or federal government as the case may be. It is important then to have a poster that is current and updated. When buying also, you should try to buy the most recent version of the poster as at the time of purchase. You should also check if the company has included all recent labor changes.

Accurate Guidelines:

There are guidelines for making posters. These guidelines include font, posting size requirements. For instance, fonts must not be less than 10. There exist some cases where larger font sizes must be used. There is another instance where OSHA posters must be 8.5 inch by 14 inch. So when choosing a labor law poster, check if the vendor has adhered to every rule that has been laid down by either the state or federal government. It is important to note that no matter how updated and correct the information on a poster may be, failure to adhere to stipulated postings and sizes renders it faulty.

Check the Reputation:

A good way to decide for or against a vendor is researching into their service. You can look at what past clients are saying about their product and service. A good reputation tells you they are capable of catering for your labor law compliance needs.

Check if the Pricing is Favorable

This should be the least deciding factor as quality differs. Once you have confirmed other factors, get a firm that can give you a compiled poster that has been laminated and ready for use so you don’t spend extra. Consider an agency that conducts their business with fairness.

Check if The Company is Easily Reachable in case of Disputes

Inasmuch as compliance posters are meant to comply with laid down rules, occasional questions may arise and when they do, you will probably need your vendor by your side.

At Labor Law Compliance Center, we have every form of labor law posters that includes OSHA, ELSA and EPPA. You do not have to worry about updates as we are constantly updating our posters to include every single government modification. Every state and federal updates are made available to you in a durable and compact manner.