Specialized Defense Lawyers Can Help With Appeals If Your Sentencing Is Excessive

A judge is supposed to look at many factors when sentencing you for a crime. They are supposed to look at your past criminal history, the severity of your crime, whether your crime makes you a threat to society and the severity in which you harmed another. These factors all play a role in what you should be sentenced when you are convicted of a crime. Unfortunately, some judges look to make an example of defendants or do not take all of these guidelines into account. If you feel that the sentence you received was excessive for the crime, a specialized defense attorney can help you with an appeal.

specialized criminal lawyer, including a DUI lawyer, misdemeanor lawyer, shoplifting attorney, drug offense lawyer, sex offender lawyer or felony lawyer, can be a huge benefit when you are filing an appeal. The biggest reason that a specialized defense attorney can be beneficial is because they know the sentencing guidelines in your area and know what the average criminal is sentenced to for that crime. If something is out of line, they are going to be the attorneys who will know what is out of line and why the sentence is excessive.

Another benefit to working with a specialized defense lawyer is that they are familiar with the ins and outs of the crime you committed. They know all of the laws and statutes related to it and they know all of the crimes you could be charge with as a result. This also means that they are familiar with defenses that may only be raised with the type of case you have, and know which defenses hold water in court. This can give you a huge advantage, especially when you are appealing an already lengthy sentence.

If you were sentenced for a crime and you feel that your punishment is excessive, you may be correct. Working with a specialized criminal lawyer can help you to get your sentenced reassessed or even possibly get an entirely new trial and have a shot at getting an entirely new outcome. You have a lot on the line when you receive an excessive sentence. Try to get your jail time lessened or eliminated, your restitution cut back or other penalties dismissed with the help and assistance of a specialized criminal defense attorney.