How To Choose A Medical Negligence Solicitor – 4 Tips

If you, or somebody you care about, has ever been the victim of medical negligence, you will understandably be angry, and may wish to bring those accountable to justice. This is your basic right as a human being, yet many people simply let others get away with it, because they “can’t be bothered” or because they “don’t want to make a fuss”. There have been people who have died due to medical negligence, along with people who have lost limbs and experienced all kinds of other nasty side effects, all because a so-called medical “expert” didn’t do the job properly that they were trained to do. It’s easy to say that ‘accidents happen’ but in the medical world, accidents which can easily be avoided, should be avoided.

If you wish to seek compensation due to medical negligence, you may need to find a medical negligence solicitor, and that’s where we come into the mix. Here you will find a series of tips based on how to choose a medical negligence solicitor.

Look at their qualifications – Before you even consider hiring a solicitor to deal with your medical negligence claim, it’s important that you look at which qualifications the company in question is in possess of. Ideally the company will need to be in possession of ISO9001, LEXCEL, or an accreditation of equal value and merit. These qualifications are put in place to ensure that companies can offer their clients the very highest of standards in terms of customer care, advice, guidance, and services. If the company you have your eye on does not possess a nationally recognised qualification, keep looking.

Consider their experience – Experience is also very important when it comes to choosing solicitors. All businesses have to start out somewhere, and there are new companies who have only just started trading, that turn out to be real hidden gems. However, in an ideal world, you want a solicitors company that has been in business a long time, as experience goes a heck of a long way. The longer they have been trading, the more experience they will have and the more they will have learnt.

Ask for recommendations – Another thing you should consider when hiring a medical negligence solicitors is their overall reputation and track record. A great way of gauging this info is to ask for recommendations, either from people you know, or perhaps online on public forums and so on. Here you can provide a brief outline of your claim and can ask for recommendations from others who have perhaps been in a similar situation to the one that you find yourself in now. If you hear the same name recommended a few times in a positive light, it may be worth getting in touch with them and seeing where things go from there.

Trust your gut – Nine times out of ten, if you have a gut feeling about something, it often turns out to be right. If you’re in contact with a company who are telling you all of the right things, but something just seems off about them, you should probably trust your gut. If you’re having a bad feeling about them, something is causing it, subconscious or otherwise, so keep looking elsewhere.