Common Myths About Personal Injury Cases

Many people stay away from launching lawsuits for injuries that others have caused them simply because they have the wrong idea about what these cases involve. However, there’s a lot to be said for asserting your rights.

Your first step should be to bring in a legal expert.  Then, you should read up; personal injury law is complex. Here are four of the most common myths that people are led astray by when it comes to personal injury cases.

Personal injury lawsuits take too long

Most personal injury lawsuits take no more than eight months to reach a resolution. In cases where the parties involved opt for mediation or out-of-court settlement, resolution is reached much more quickly. It isn’t a good idea to simply accept the quickest route, though. Once you accept a certain amount of compensation, you cannot reopen the case. It takes a legal expert to tell you if you are getting as much compensation as you deserve. 

The smaller the injury, the smaller the compensation is that you are entitled to

Small injuries can sometimes win large amounts of compensation, and major injuries can win very little. A lot depends on the exact effect that your injuries have on your life. If you have a dozen painful fractures, but they are all the kind that heal without complication, they aren’t likely to keep you from earning a livelihood and living your life. You may not win much for such injuries. 

On the other hand, a minor scratch that happens to damage a nerve could cause low-level pain for years. Since it could keep you from focusing on your work, you could win major compensation.  Good legal advice can help you understand the exact nature of your injuries from a legal standpoint. 

You should take your time taking legal action

Many people believe that it’s important to not rush into litigation right after an injury. They believe that they should give the healing process time so that they can understand how exactly their injuries develop. 

While it does make sense to understand the true nature of one’s injuries before asking for compensation, it doesn’t make sense to wait to file a lawsuit. 

You need to support yourself through the litigation process

Many people despair at the thought of managing their lives through a personal injury litigation process. Such suffering isn’t inevitable, though. In many cases, it may be possible to obtain legal financing to handle the expenses to do with a lawsuit, and also meet your personal responsibilities — make payments on your mortgage, pay your rent and so on. You should either consult your attorney, or look for information on magazines like The Legal Finance Journal.