Children and Divorce: Different Aspects of Law Concerning Divorce?

Divorce refers to the legal separation of two partners in marriage.  Although it may seem to be a simple process however it is the most difficult thing when children are also involved in this process. It is because children are affected deeply on emotional and psychological grounds when their parents get separated due to some personal conflicts. As far as custody of children is concerned, there are different aspects of the law concerning divorce. Let us have a brief look at these.

State of Arrangements- A Statement of Arrangements needs to be filed in the court along with divorce application in which the planned arrangements for the child are mentioned.

PR or Parental Responsibility- It refers to the responsibilities assigned to the parents- both father and the mother as far as upbringing and protection of the children is concerned. Under this law, both father and mother have to share the PR in case the name of both appears on the birth certificate.

Parental Responsibility Agreement- Under this agreement, both the parents are liable to fulfill all responsibilities concerning upbringing of the children.  It is a formal document which needs to be submitted with the court.

Parental Responsibility Order- It is a type of order which can be attained by father after satisfying the court that he is completely devoted and sufficiently attached with the child.

Decision making- As far as future of the child is concerned; most of the decisions are taken by the divorced parents on joint basis. But in some cases, the interference of court becomes inevitable and decision is taken by the court.

Financial support- Both father and mother who have divorced are liable to provide full financial support to the children till they reach the age of 17 or complete their education. However, the financial support may be continued even after that, if required. In other words, divorced parents have to support their children financially till they become completely independent.

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