Can Company Check Divorce Records When Appointing Staff

16495666_lAlthough divorce is a matter of personal concern for any person however it has a direct impact on other aspects of life as well. The most important aspect of human life which is affected by the divorce is his emotional well-being. Apart from this, the job/workplace/employment of the concerned person is also affected adversely when a person has to face the unfortunate and sad situation of divorce in his/her life.That is the reason that most companies check the marital status of their employees during recruitment. It may seem to be somewhat awkward as to why the companies check the divorce records of employees at the time of appointment but it has multiple reasons. Let us have a look at some of these.

Divorce has a direct impact on the working efficiency of the concerned person- It is but obvious that after a divorce the life of the concerned person changes completely. He/she may be affected by it adversely and may not be able to perform his/her routine jobs as well as official tasks well. It is because the person may be suffering from mental stress and even depression following a divorce. The spouses who are dependent upon other partners for performance of various domestic as well as outdoor tasks in their life may feel quite difficult to manage everything of their own following a divorce. All these things have a negative effect on the performance of concerned persons at their workplace too. That is why it becomes all the more important for companies to check the divorce records of the candidates at the time of appointment.

Salary concern- Other important thing that is related to marital status of a person at the time of recruitment for any type of job is the salary package. The companies mostly offer salary package according to capability and experience of the candidates but they also consider the marital status. Candidates who are married and have children may ask for more reimbursement contrary to those who are single. Similarly, divorced people may also ask for more salary keeping in view their basic needs and the needs of other dependent upon them. To check if the concerned person/candidate is really in need, the companies may check the divorce records.

Safety and protection on behalf of company– Some companies offer some extra facilities to their employees such as safety and protection. A person who is living alone due to divorce and especially the female candidates may require more security as compared to others. To accomplish the same task, the divorce records of the concerned candidate may be checked by the relevant company.

Accommodation facility– Similar to the facility of safety and protection, some companies make arrangements for accommodation of their employees. Keeping in view the size of family according to the marital status, the company makes arrangement for accommodation accordingly. Again confirmation about divorced status may be considered in this regard by the company.

Keeping in view these facts, the companies may check divorce records of their fresh candidates. Rest depends upon the employment rules and regulations of the different companies.

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