Actions To Take After An Accident With A Ride-Sharing Driver


Most individuals around the world use ride-sharing apps like Grab, Lyft or Uber. Not only is this a great way to reduce road congestion, but it also allows people to save money as well. In addition, this is a convenient way to help usher people from one point to another.

Such ride-sharing services are undeniably helpful and accessible to most people. However, it cannot be denied that there are also risks when it comes to availing these services. Aside from increasing the number of cars on the road, so does the risk of getting into an accident with one of these vehicles. When this happens, taking the appropriate action is essential to protect your rights.

To know the right steps to take, read on.

Get Medical Help

Chances are, if you were involved in an accident, you may have suffered an injury. See if you have any blood on your face or on your body. If you don’t see blood, don’t hesitate to get yourself checked right away. Medical professionals still need to rule out internal injuries.

Call the Authorities

Don’t hesitate to contact the authorities right away. Likewise, don’t let the driver move the vehicle away from the scene. This helps the police assess what happened. After all, they will analyse what transpired and will report the details about the incident. To help you understand the event, make sure to ask a copy of the police report.

Take Photographs

Whilst authorities will conduct their own investigation and take their own photos, you should also take photographs for yourself. Use wide shots to show the positioning of the vehicles. Going in for a close-up will also allow you to capture property damage and other injuries sustained.

Seek Information from Witnesses

As with any accident, gathering important information and contact details from all parties involved should be prioritised. Besides getting their numbers, addresses and full names, it is also highly recommended to take photos of their licence plates and registrations, including the driver’s insurance details.

Another important aspect you need to consider is finding witnesses. Their testimonies can help assist authorities and lawyers when making claims and proving negligence. If you cannot find any witnesses to back your claims, worry not.

Today, there are numerous dashcams which can provide footages of the incident, allowing it to support or dispute statements given by witnesses.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

An injury lawyer Brisbane will help you file claims and negotiate with other parties involved. As professionals, they can provide expert advice when it comes to settlements.

As the oppressed party, it is your right to be well-compensated for all your troubles. Aside from putting your life at risk, such incidents also endanger property and the lives of others. If the idea of working with attorneys intimidate you, simply look for a no win no pay lawyers in Brisbane. These specialists ensure that they provide affordable legal services whilst doing everything they can to help you achieve justice.