A Family Law Firm And Its Services

A family lawyer deals with a branch of law which is associated with domestic relations, family matters such as divorce, marriage, separation, child abuse, domestic violence, property settlement, child support, spouse maintenance, and much more such issues. At times it is also referred to Matrimonial law and the one who handles these cases are the family lawyers. The main issues that these lawyers do handle are divorce and legal separation.

Under these issues, the lawyer will try to divide marital property, advocate that amount which is to be paid as part of spouse maintenance and child support, settle issues related to child custody and visitation. In the case of separation, each party involved has his or her own family lawyer. In cases where the matter fails to be sorted out in the case of out of court settlement then the issue will be taken to court and judge will issue the final order.

Another, one of the most important areas handled by family lawyer is adoption. The attorney will support the couple in every way possible to make sure they are able to adopt the child in a hassle free manner and in a legal way. The laws vary with every jurisdiction and also, on the basis of the age of the child. Also, at a few places, biological parents retain the rights of the child whereas in some cases they are completely given to the new parents.

All the matters that are handled by a Family lawyer Brisbane, he or she is responsible for its documentation as well in order to prevent foreseeable future issues. In fact, a lawyer can help you in matters pertaining to before marriage like preparing a prenuptial agreement, as well after the marriage has ended like child custody, spousal support, visitation rights, etc. Your attorney will also help you in setting up a trust fund in the name of a spouse or child provided they have that level of experience. In few cases, family lawyers even handle criminal issues or they might be specialized in the area of juvenile law or domestic violence.

A family lawyer Brisbane can either have his or her own office or work in a law firm. New Way Lawyers is one such law firm where lawyers will render you their legal services without any intention to make a profit. The firm is a nonprofit law firm situated in Australia. Its objective is helping all those people in sorting out their legal matters those who cannot afford private family lawyers. In fact, you will be given service not only irrespective of your financial status but also your age, gender, race, religion and disability. After all, justice should not be denied on any basis.

Their team of lawyers is competent and will work with integrity. They will talk to you, understand your case, prepare the same to find out what can be done and then tell you the solution(s). Their lawyers understand and they will help you on the legal as well as the emotional front. For instance where ever possible they will suggest you to go for out of court settlement as it will save a lot of money and time.

Therefore, if you are looking for family lawyers who will serve you with tenacity and honesty then New Way Lawyers is the right choice for you.