5 Ways To Give Your Claim The Edge

With most things in life, we can give ourselves a better chance of achieving them by planning meticulously or approaching them with attention and care. A case in point is that promotion you’ve been longing for – you’ve likely been planning to get promoted for some time, building your boss’s confidence in you. But when it comes to claims, unfortunately you don’t have the luxury of being able to ‘strengthen’ your claim beyond the facts, which are:

  1.   The severity of your injury;
  2.   Your recovery period;
  3.   Your prognosis for the future;
  4.   How the accident that led to your injury happened.

The fact is, the strength of your claim is determined by the above. This will determine the outcome of your claim – whether it’s a success or rejected. However, there are ways that you can give your claim a good chance of being a success.

Here’s 5 of them:

  1.      Use a claims lawyer

The vast majority of personal injury claims are handled by a lawyer – usually with a no win, no fee agreement. However, some are handled by the claimant solely. This is not the recommended course of action, unless you are a lawyer yourself, or unless a family member or friend is a lawyer and will help you. UK claims lawyers can help you with your claim; they understand the process perfectly and will collect all the correct documents to get started.

  1.      Know your case inside out

Most people, if they have been injured, will have a clear memory of what happened to them – and will be itching to tell their lawyer. But don’t rush it. When you’re feeling up to it, write down when and where your accident happened and how it happened. Write it on paper or on the computer, or draw a diagram to visualise your accident so you don’t forget. It’s the little things that can pull a case together, yet it’s the little things that can be forgotten.

  1.      Set a realistic goal

Be fair and proportionate in the compensation you claim. Many claims are rejected because the claim value is contested. If a claim’s value is contested, the process will only take longer which means you’ll be out of pocket. So set a realistic payout expectation and don’t get greedy – it’s your legal right to compensation, but not to milk your injury for all it’s worth.

  1.      Collect witness statements and other evidence

For some claims, you may be able to collect vital evidence yourself. Or, this may be required if you are claiming on your own behalf. Be sure to collect any visual evidence, such as CCTV recording or photographs, for your records. If you were involved in a road traffic accident, the police may have taken witness statements. Track down as much as you can.

  1.      Be patient

Rushing things can lead to things being left out; vital documents, communication, evidence etcetera. Whether you are making a claim yourself or with the help of a lawyer, remember to be patient and remember that the claims process can take upwards of 12-months.

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