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Best Personal Injury Lawyers of Seattle!

Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers or trial lawyers are the lawyers who represent you in the court of law on a personal injury case. In such a case, the victim claims to be physically or mentally injured due to the fault of someone else like another person, a company, a government entity or even your workplace. So, choosing a law firm is a very critical step and this is where Khan Law Firm steps up to provide you justice.

Personal injury cases could be really hard on a person mentally and financially because you have to take care of the medical bills and on the other hand the insurance company is also trying to cut down on your claims. Additionally, you have to take care of all this when you or your loved one is severely injured. Hence, hiring an attorney becomes vital.

Do you have a personal injury case?

If you were severely injured due to some else’s fault or carelessness or even intentionally. Then your case falls under a personal injury case. Some common examples of such cases are;

  • Car accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Brain injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Bus accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Drunk driving accident
  • Dog Bites

If your case looks like any of the above cases and you are severely injured due to which you cannot continue your life like you did before. Then, you should think of hiring an attorney.

Reasons to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The simple logic that answers this question is “it’s their job”. Moreover, they have studied and earned a degree in this field. Which gives them a better understand and knowledge of the law and legal procedures. Moreover, going against a team of insurance company lawyers isn’t a smart move as they are professionals and you might end up with low or no compensation at all.

Other than Knowledge and your representation in the court, the law firm deals with a lot of things which provides you with a lot of relief like;

  • They deal with the insurance company and the medical bills.
  • They collect all the pieces of evidence and thoroughly investigates the case.
  • They have an experience in dealing with the insurance company lawyers so they can work more efficiently.

Usually, such cases are time consuming and hectic are dealt with outside the court. An attorney can help in such a situation.

Things to look for before hiring a personal injury lawyer?

You would know by now if you should hire an attorney or not. If you have, then here are two basic tips you should look for before you hire a law firm;

  • Experience and History:

The richer the experience and the history of the firm is, more the chances are there for you to win the case. It is advisable to do some research and look up the case history of the law firm. You’ll get to know how successful they have been in the past.

  • How much do they involve themselves?

There’s a lot that goes on in such cases and you also need mental support from your attorney. Language and communication in such conditions become a barrier. So, opting for a law firm that has translators is advisable.

Khan Law Firm has all the above mention qualities and that’s the reason why they are known to provide the best legal services in the city of Seattle. Also, the consultation fee is free of any charge and they have a 24/7 helpline service to assist you better in hard times.

Personal Injury Cases That Involve Motorcycle Accidents

Personal Injury

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Annapolis MD firms specialize in handling personal injury cases that involve motorcycle accidents. First, it is important for the person involved in the motorcycle accident to realize that they require legal representation to make sure that they receive compensation for the injuries suffered. A personal injury case involves injury to the client through the obvious negligence or intentions of another person or even business. Common types of personal injury cases that are handled by personal injury attorneys include car and motorcycle accidents. 

Personal Injury

A personal injury occurs because one person was injured due to the negligence of another. Under most circumstances the injured party has the right to file a lawsuit for full compensation for the injuries that they received. This is not a criminal case, but a case that is held in civil court. However, both sides might agree to settle the case out of court through negotiations with all the legal teams and clients involved with the case. However, it is also important for the injured party to remember that they must file a lawsuit in a certain amount of time, before the statute of limitations runs out. The statute of limitations begins at the point of injury.

Motorcycle Accidents

Often, a motorcyclist is a sitting duck for vehicles. Generally, a motorcycle happens through no fault of the driver. The vehicle that hit the motorcyclist was driven by a distracted driver. The driver might have been talking to another person in the car, arguing with car passengers, looking the other way, or even talking on a cell-phone. A motorcycle accident might occur because of harsh weather conditions or even badly constructed roads that were responsible for the accident. In general, the majority of motorcyclist are very responsible drivers and the accident was not their fault.

Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

The most common type of motorcycle accident involves a drunken driver. The driver is clearly under the influence of a substance like alcohol or even drugs. They are unable to really focus on the road and the driving conditions. This leads to hitting the motorcyclist. Rear end collisions involve a driver running into the back of the motorcyclist due to distractions or other circumstances. Turning collisions are also a common occurrence. A driver swerves in front of the motorcyclist and the motorcyclist does not have time to stop or react. Single bike accidents happen because of road conditions or some other occurrence.


It is important that the injured party act quickly and contact a personal injury attorney for more information about the proper way to handle their case. Most states have a statute of limitations on the time to file a case. 

Often, the injured party is very confused and does not know what step to take next. It is important to realize that a personal injury claim should be filed immediately to make sure that the injured party receives full compensation for the injuries suffered. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to make sure that your rights are protected and that you receive full compensation.