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Ceramic Light Switch Plates Complete the Look of Any Room


Interior design isn’t just for people with a fashion degree anymore. Do-it-yourself room décor is all the rage. With access to a myriad of designing apps available with the touch of a finger, transforming any room of your home is easy.

You put time and energy into your choices. You research your target look, and take care to match wall colors, floor textures, and wall colors to create a seamless effect. Finish the look with decorative light switch plates in ceramic style. They come in variety of finishes and access options.

Toggle Wall Plates

This is a basic wall plate with an “up – down” switch. Walk into any room of a modern home and chances are you’ll find these style light switch plates in at least a few of the rooms. The toggle plate is timeless for its simplicity. Pick the finish that matches the room and you truly can’t make a wrong choice.

Dimmer Wall Plates

Homeowners are choosing dimmer switches at a rapidly increasing rate. This style plate features one large, vertical, rectangular shaped void to match the motion of your dimmer switch. Dimmers are particularly popular in dining rooms and bedrooms, as children often dislike sleeping in the pitch black.

Duplex Wall Plates

This style of decorative ceramic switch plates fits your standard three prong plug. They are available in sets of two and four. It is important to be sure you installed a ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlet if you intent to use multiple wall plates in a small space. Think of it as a built-in surge strip.

Jack Plates

Home and business both use many jack-based services.

  • TV cable jack
  • HDMI direct cable
  • Router jack
  • Phone jack
  • Cell phone charging cords

Jack plates are specifically designed so you can plug in and charge any number of devices and services without needing any type of adapter.

Mix and Match

Each room will come with its own set of outlet needs. Choose from a variety of mix and match wall plates to allow you best access to all your plug-in needs simultaneously.

Finish Options

Decorative ceramic switch plates are available in base colors to match most color schemes.

  • Ceramic white
  • Ceramic biscuit (tan)
  • Ceramic black

If you wish to be add a bit more panache to your room you can opt for something fancier.

  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Nickel
  • Designs, including kids

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, building an office, or putting together a nursery, choose decorative light switch plates in ceramic style to complement your décor.