UAE Travel Ban: What You Need to Know


There can be so many reasons behind the travel ban on the person in UAE. there can be so many examples you can take which can become the reason of your travel ban in UAE like criminal offences, unpaid loans, breach of immigration laws or family matters. Click here to check if you have any type of travel ban in UAE.

Travel Ban

The travel ban is basically the prohibition for a person to enter or re-enter the premises of UAE. if someone has been banned to enter UAE, he will not be allowed to enter because of the travel ban. To enter a country, a person must be allowed to do so. If he has not been allowed by the authorities to enter the country, he will not be granted permission to enter until or unless the ban gets removed.

Labour Ban

There are different types of bans as we all know. One type of ban is labour ban in UAE.  there are so many people who confuse the labour ban with the travel ban. There is nothing that both of these shares except for the term ban. Yes, there are a lot of dissimilarities between them. the labour law in UAE is different from the travel laws.

If there is a person who has a labour ban, this labour ban will not restrict him to enter the country. This means that if you are having a labour ban, you can still enter the UAE but the reception is that you won’t be allowed to work. The tie span off the restriction will vary. It can either be a span of 6 months, a year or maybe lifetime but this will surely not restrict you from entering UAE.

A person who is under the labour ban Can come and visit UAE as a visitor, a tourist, a student, a family member or as an investor as well.

You cut be thinking that if a person has a labour ban he can never work or any zone in UAE. this is not true. If a person has a labour ban, he can work for the free zones in UAE. he can also work for some government entity as well.

In case of the travel ban, the person cannot enter the grounds of UAE no matter what happens. he can enter after the ban gets elapsed

How to check if the ban in UAE?

checking if a person is a ban is not as easy as it might see. this is because there are no proper online portals that will help you in getting information about your travel ban. All you can do to check the ban is by visiting the police department or asking them about the ban. They will be able to provide you information about the ban. There is no other way of doing it basically.

If there were online portals for that, the things would have been way easier but now as there are no portals, this is all you can do to check the travel ban.

If you want migration and need to check about the ban, you can take the help of the immigration lawyers in Dubai, UAE. This will save some of your time for sure.

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