Nursing Home Nightmares Are Real


After years of taking care of you, the time has come to help your mother or father or perhaps your grandparents find an assisted living home perfect for them. You want to make sure that they receive the same careful attentive care that you were given as a child. However, the unfortunate truth is that you can’t always trust every nursing home that you see. According to a recent study, in 33 states, there was an estimated 25% of cases of sexual and physical abuse that went unreported in nursing homes. 

This article will discuss some of the signs of nursing home neglect or abuse. If you are suspicious of any of these signs, then you should take action. There are Omaha nursing home lawyers ready to defend your case and give you and your loved one justice. 

1. Poor Hygiene

Among the sign of neglect, this could be one of the initial signs. If your loved one looks as though they haven’t had a bath or shower in days, that’s neglect. It isn’t just the body either that the nursing home staff are responsible for helping their residents with either. Brushing their teeth can sometimes be difficult for a nursing home resident to perform, and so if they’re not receiving the aid they need, they might have poor oral health and hygiene. Be sure to check their mouths as well. 

2. Messy and Unsanitary Living Conditions

The initial tour may be nice, and the recreational room may be spotless, but you should definitely check your loved one’s bedroom to see if it’s tidy and sanitary. Or, if you can, perhaps check in on others’ rooms who aren’t receiving visitors that day to make sure that it isn’t all just a show. Kitchens should be clean, safe, and sanitary as well, so if you can, pop in and make sure that the staff is keeping everything up to date and clean. Otherwise, messy living conditions could lead to things like bed bugs, illness, and a large growth in bacteria and mold. 

3. Malnutrition

Sometimes, if the nursing home isn’t staffed enough, residents can be overlooked if they require help in feeding themselves. This includes dehydration as well. Residents can’t always receive the individualized help they require in nursing homes that are under-staffed, so if you notice signs of physical stress or weakness due to malnutrition, inquire about it. If your resident’s lips are chapped, and they’re unusually tired, be sure they’re getting enough water. 

Eyes Open

A lot of the signs are there in the open, you just need to be sure you are looking and can detect them. Your loved one may be under pressure not to say anything, so you have to rely on your own investigative skills. If your loved one has been neglected at their nursing home, there are lawyers ready to defend your case and seek justice. Giving them a call is your first step to liberation.



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