4 Things To Look For In A Good Franchise Lawyer


Are you a franchisee or franchisor? Then you need a franchise lawyer. Franchises are taking over the business world and can allow people to be successful in many areas. However, with every new business venture it is recommended that you have a lawyer for legal advice.

Why You Need A Franchise Lawyer?

When looking at the cost of becoming part of a franchise you may think you can cut down the expenses by not hiring a lawyer. This would be a mistake as you should have legal advice from the very start. Buying a business or becoming part of one is a huge decision that can have serious consequences if mistakes are made. So, make sure your investment is the best it can be by having legal advice with you at all times.

You will need franchising lawyers to give advice on filling out paperwork, seeing if the investment will work out, choosing the right franchise, checking the franchise has up to date paperwork and more.

Tips For Finding the Best Franchise Lawyer

To get the best advice you will need the best lawyer. There are many lawyers and firms to choose from and we have some tips on what to look for in a good franchise lawyer.

1.Experience – You should look for a lawyer with plenty of experience in franchising. When searching for a lawyer you may find general practice lawyers but these will not have as much experience in the cost and paperwork that comes with franchising. You need a lawyer that has experience in the franchising code of conduct as other lawyers may make costly mistakes. Franchising lawyers will also have other contacts in this area of expertise.

2.Flat Fee – When choosing a lawyer it is vital that you discuss charges. You should choose a lawyer that charges with a flat fee basis. This way you will know what all the fees will be upfront. A lawyer that will work on a flat fee basis has experience in the field and will know how much the process will cost. This way there will be no surprises. All the fees will be upfront but they won’t be if you choose an hourly lawyer.

  1. Confidently Answers Questions – When you discuss business with your lawyer you should be prepared with documents, questions and more. As you talk to your lawyer about topics or when you are asking questions you should look for a lawyer who is confident, has in depth knowledge and is professional. Franchising is a big investment so you need a lawyer that knows what they are doing and who can confidently represent you.

4.Knowledge of Industry – Franchise businesses cover many industries. So, when choosing your lawyer you should choose one that has knowledge of your particular industry. This means you can get the best advice specific for your situation and business. Franchising lawyers in the correct field can also put you in touch with contacts, knows the business inside out, will make sure you are in line with the law and can foresee any problems that may arise.

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